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Must-knows before travelling

     Before you decide to climb the Xishan, The Xishan is steep and the paths inbetween scenic spots are in twists and turns. make sure that you:
1. Climb the hill in company, so that you have help when needed.
2. Take a look at the distribution of the scenic spots within the Xishan and know about the weather before the excursion.
3.Bring enough drinking water and snacks for refill of your energy.
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The Xishan of Dongting, also called Jinting, is the biggest isle in the Taihu Lake, and is also the biggest isle of all those within inner lakes in China, covering an area of 82 square kilometers. On the Isle of the Xishan, there are Bingchang Village (or Combat Field Village) where the Kingdom of Wu and the Kingdom of Yue competed, the Bright Moon Bay where the King of Wu Fu Chai enjoyed moonlight with the beauty Xi Shi, the Shi Gonng Hill where lived the Rabbi Haideng, the Tianlin Cave, the holy shrine for Taoism from where Xu Xiake commenced his scientific excursions, the Arhat Temple wh
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Tourist Center    
      Jinting tourist center occupies an area of 80 Mu with a total building area of 10000 m2. The construction has been completed and put into use. It is divided into recreation area and comprehensive service supporting area. In comprehensive service supporting area, there are Xi Ting Yuan restaurant, office area, photography exhibition hall and tourists reception hall which has the functions of spots introduction, travel consulting, travel route information, guide service, rest, communication, post, handy services for public, scenery spot image exhibition, complaint handling, etc. There are Suzhou Garden style buildings in the recreation area, including Golden pavilion, artificial hills, Wu Hu Yi, sculptures of famous people, seventy two Feng Xuan, Ya Huai Xuan, Han Yue bridge, Qu Xing bridge, Liu Yue pavilion, Xiang Yu pavilion, etc., which are built around the lake, charming and beautiful. Computer touch screen, TV and movie facilities are also available here for introducing scenery, route, activities, and weather broadcast. Service staff are available to help tourists and design personal traveling route. There is a five star washroom and a three star washroom with enough spaces and proper layout as well as the special design for the young, old and disabled which fully shows the people-oriented concept. The use of tourist service center leads the service of the Xishan scenic spot to a new level. In the near future, after the completion of the construction of the circle road around the island, there will be nine service stations built along the road, which extends the function of tourist center and perfect the service system of Jin Ting Tourism.

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