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Bright Moon Bay

Within a distance of less than three Liwestward from Shi Gong Hill, there is a scenic wonderland, the Bright Moon Bay.It is encircled by hills in three directions, and the ancient Taihu Dock liesto its southwest, making it being moistened with wind and rain, and forming aleisurely retreat. Within the bay, deposited mud forms into a dock, and thevillage lines along the hills, becoming a protected quiet and elegant retreat.At the entrance to the village, a millennial camphor tree bespeaks theuninterrupted legends taking place here. Currently, it is a Historical andCultural Famous Village, and an Exemplarity Agricultural Tourism Spot in China.

In one summer more than 2000years ago, the high-spirited King of Wu calmed down his quick temper, andturned to love the balmy breeze and bright moon here, and of course thepicturesque beauty. After another one thousand year, the great poet of TangDynasty Bai Juyi embarked here. Also around this period, Pi Rixiu, Lu Guimeng,Liu Changqing arrived, and left behind numerous verses. The most famous being:Where is the most reclusive place? It is the Bright Moon Bay.

In the final days of the SouthSong Dynasty, the Jin Dynasty army invaded, driving hordes of aristocrats tosettle here to shelter themselves from the war . During the Qing Dynasty andMing Dynasty, numerous residents from Bright Moon Bay joined in the DongtingMerchants’ Association, and got themselves rich by trading afar. Bright MoonBay reached its height of prosperity during the Qianlong and Jiaqing periods ofQing Dynasty. Many exquisite buildings, temples, stone-paved streets, ports anddocks and other public facilities were built at this time. These buildings andtemples have exquisite and elegant brick-, wood-, and stone-sculptures, and arepreserved till today due to them being sheltered in a retreat among the hillsand the water of the lake.

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